Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Traditional Literature Quick Check

We've been hard at work learning about the various types of traditional literature. My class has absolutely loved this unit and it seems like they've really "got it" (if you know what I mean!).  This morning I had an assessment sub and I thought it would be a great time to grab some functional data. I placed a basket containing five books (all forms of traditional literature) on the tables with each group. Students were asked to examine each text and determine if it was a fairy tale, fable, legend, or tall tale. Next, I asked them to record this information on a handout and list two reasons WHY they put the text in that category. This ended up being really interesting and sparked some lively discussion among the students because a few of the texts contained features of more than one type. I loved hearing the students justifying their thinking and using what they know about traditional literature! I'm attaching the handout I quickly created if anyone else would like to use it!

     Traditional Literature Review Handout

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