Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Went Well

Another week in the books!  This week seemed to go by very quickly. It was a great week to be in third grade...
What went well...
1.  I.LOVE.THIS!  As we wrapped up our trimester testing, I found this lovely little quote on one of my whiteboards. A sweetie in my class had left this message for her classmates. I love it because lately I've spent so much time talking to my students about how important effort is in achievement.  Apparently (at least for some of them!) it's sinking in!

2.  Multiplication Wall: A hundred years ago when I taught fourth grade, I always kicked off my multiplication unit with this multiplication wall for students to show me how much they understand about multiplication. Crazy that it's now more applicable for my third graders.  Each spot on the wall is written on a little post it note. The kids draw a post it from my basket and represent that equation on a piece of paper. I can quickly see who really understands the concept of  __# of groups x __ in each group.  Added bonus - the kids wanted to do extra ones during their free time because they liked watching the wall fill up!

3.  Jr. Achievement:  I don't know if your community has this program for third graders but I tell you what - it is fantastic! We had two sessions of Jr Achievement last week with three more sessions coming up this week. My class loved it and learned so much about income/expenses/finances.  What a learning opportunity - let's start learning about that when they're young and maybe it won't be such a challenge when they're young adults!

Here's to another great week!

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