Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Currently!

Listening:  My third child definitely fits the stereotypical profile of a "youngest child". As I'm working, I've listened to him perform several Top 40 hits on his older sister's ukulele - all while riding a zebra rocking horse.  Please tell me things like this happen in other people's homes, too...
Loving:  It's rare to say this in South Dakota, but our weather was absolutely perfect today! Near 80 degrees, no wind, completely gorgeous. Perfect for double header soccer games!
Thinking:  These report cards aren't going to do themselves - 'nuf said.
Wanting:  If summer really is going to come to So Dak this year, I need to sport some cute new shoes. Last year's sandals are questionable at best.
Needing: Thirteen days left of school and about a million things left to do. The stacks of stuff are plentiful and here I sit...thinking about shoes.
Summer:  Yes - for sure:  We've been putting off several minor home improvement projects. I want to repaint the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. We've got some backyard landscaping to do. I want to change the decor in the family room. Little things that have been bugging me but are hard to squeeze in during the school year craziness.
Hope: Nothing beats a road trip with good friends. I desperately need to laugh so hard my stomach hurts!
Dream:  Endless summer days filled with RELAXATION. Oh wait - I've got three kids. I would have to be dreaming to have days filled with endless relaxation. LOL!  I do savor the time spent with them in the summer months though!  


  1. Hey! Found you through the linky party! I can't believe you only have 13 days of school left!!! I have 41 and feel like I need more to get through everything!

  2. I know! Thinking about ONLY 13 days really makes the panic set in!

  3. I love all of your currently ideas! I love how nice it is outside yet this evening! I also have quite a mess to clean up in my science room, and I really need to get started...I have summer school in my classroom. I would love 13 days...I have until June 10th...yikes. I am looking forward to some home improvements, but relaxation sounds even better! Good luck...cute blog!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  4. I love your summer ideas! I feel you on the dream of relaxation! I have 2 boys who never stop moving and don't like to sleep in. Hope you can find a couple of ME days during the summer time too! :)
    Inquiring Our Way Through First Grade