Monday, January 26, 2015

What Went Well (a day late!)

Two out of three of my children have come down with a terrible cold. Oldest son had a basketball tournament last weekend. So needless to say - day late on the what went well.

1.  All of our language arts stations last week focused on Martin Luther King, Jr.  One activity in particular that I loved was this QR code comprehension sheet created by Giggles and Grades with Miss Gallagher.  I have a lot of QR code activities to use in my classroom but I loved that the QR code was right on top of the handout on this one - not on a separate sheet.  Genius!                                        
                                                                       Martin Luther King Jr.
2.  The students also had this little gem in their workstation rotation last week. We have talked about timelines in both social studies and language arts (texts and writing) so my students were pretty comfortable with the timeline process. I liked the comprehension questions that accompanied the timeline. The kids really had to look back and process what they had put together on the actual timeline. I will definitely want to use this one again next year!
                                                                      MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. TIMELINE AND ACTIVITIES 
3.  Last week we created array cards to go with our multiplication facts from 1-12.  Admittedly, I went into this activity expecting it to be a major pain. The cards are small, only printed on copy paper, and there seems like a ga-jillion of them when the students are cutting them out. I expected this to be a major headache for me and the kids. Surprisingly - not so! The kids did great with maintaining a functional level of organization and it only took 2 (or for some 2.5 - let's be real) math classes.  While kids were cutting/writing, I overhead kids already noticing related problems that could help them when solving more challenging equations.  Lesson learned on the teacher end of things - sometimes I need to nix my skepticism and give it a go!

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