Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Went Well This Week

This past week was a short week for us. We had an inservice day on Friday so we only spent four days with students. Although that never seems to stop me from trying to squeeze in five days worth of "stuff" to accomplish ;)

What went well this week...well, to be perfectly honest - I kind of had an "off" week. I don't know if it's because I knew we only had four days, I'm ridiculously tired of the cold weather, or maybe the reality that it's a long time until May just hit me. But, for whatever reason, this week was just OK and I feel like it was more my problem than my class. On a more positive note:

1.  One of my former high school helpers came by on Tuesday to do her senior project with my class. She has been researching the effects of art therapy on depression and she had a cool activity for my students to do as her culminating project activity. It went well for her and was interesting for me to see some of the results of the students' work.
2.  I also took my class to a middle school play. Our middle school drama club put on their first play in fifteen years. It was a fractured fairy tale so it tied right in to our traditional literature unit of study. My class loved it!
3.  We've been working on adjectives since returning from Christmas break. On Thursday, my kids used Wordle to create a design with adjectives about themselves. I was impressed with some of the adjectives they came up with! We printed them and I'm going to add them to the students' art silhouettes. 
4.  During the Inservice Day, my classroom FINALLY got a water fountain!! Highlight of the week-type news. My class is going to be thrilled when they see it tomorrow. As for me, water fountains actually gross me out (am I the only one with this affliction????) In case you're wondering - our building is relatively new and apparently water fountains in the hallway are old school. All of the classrooms were equipped with sinks that had fountains on them except my room. My room was designed to be an art and science room and the sinks were made to be more industrial-type. All year, my class has complained about the lack of a water fountain. I got each student their own water bottle, but the bottles seem to get forgotten at home, etc. Anyway - big news about the water fountain. It's the little things :)

On to a better week!

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